„TAN Invest” Ltd is a wood processing and wood material production Company established in 2008, that exports most of its production to the European countries. Our Company specialises in the production of sauna boards made of aspen, thermo aspen and alder. This product has successfully served our customers for several years. We are a dynamic and growing company with the core values of introducing innovative solutions, providing good service to our clients and establishing long-term partnerships. We achieve those values by providing high quality products made of natural eco materials.

We deliver the product to any place in Europe in large and small quantities.

We are open to new partnerships, flexible in partnership terms, and ready to become a trustworthy partner to the interested potential partners.

- Sauna boards made of aspen, thermo aspen and alder
- Glued massive wood and finger jointed construction materials for saunas
- Thermo processing of wood
- Production and drying of sawn timber
- Provision of various wood processing services
- Export and delivery to the European countries